2 Guys 12 Beers

This week we talk about Game of Thrones, Disney People, the state of comedy, DACA, Charlottesville and do an over under on Pizza

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This episode we talk about the tv show Confederacy, the term "Adulting is hard", dog shaming, warped tour, Colin Kapernick and Make A Wish Foundation


Music:  The Rentals

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This episode we talk about D. Trump, Free Speech, Stylized Movies, Letting your kids play football, Jazz music and over/under on being healthy.

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This episode we discuss the Donald (Like Always), DACA children and being deported, Milo Y!#()@*$) and free speech, the Grammy's, Tiny Cooking and Coke Vs. Pepsi.


Music NOFX

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Happy New Year!  This episode we cover Trump and a ton of things surrounding him, talking politics with family and friends, Rock N' Roll hall of fame, the Golden Globes, what age a kid should get a cell phone and argue about Corn Vs. Flour tortillas.  (Flour are the the best)

Music:  Mr. T Experience and MxPx

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