2 Guys 12 Beers

The wait is over...like Star Wars Epsidoe I it's here and you are bound to be disappointed.  We talk about the Royal Wedding, Donald Trump and Obama's birth certificate, Dick Clark, listen to the band Handguns, 3d Televisions and sports. 

Beer of the Week:  Anchor Steam Beer

Andy:  It's good, full flavored but not over-powering beer

Justin: Good beer, a little heavier but taste good and not to heavy.  Tasty.


Handguns information

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In this episode we talk about American Idol and the decline of music, Pizza crust being the best part of the pizza, male bathroom etiquette, listen to a song from None More Black, talk about sports fans, Manny Ramirez and surviving a zombie apocolypse.  Exit music is Against Me, Don't Lose Touch.

Tonights Beer:   Cable Car Amber Ale

Andy:  Good, I like it

Justin: Good as well

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One of the more funnerer, yeah thats a word, episode to record let's see if it's fun to listen to.  We talk about weddings, food challenges, rate fast food, interview Andy Tearpak from Not So Straight Edge and 2 Guys 12 Beers fame, discuss tablets and talk baseball, picking our teams to make the playoffs this year.  As always, we would love to hear any feedback or comments.


Beer:  Sam Adams Coastal Wheat


Andy:  Good

Justin:  Tastes like Fantastic..bad


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