2 Guys 12 Beers

This episode we talk about the Sandy Hook shooting and gun control, holiday shoppers, best and worst gifts for the holidays, public embaressment as a means of punishment, kids wearing band shirts of bands that were around before they were alive and do an over under on biopics.

SONGS:  Masked Intruder and Nothing

Beer:  Anchot Steam Holiday beer and Maui Brewing special release.

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This episode we cover the end of the world, suicides, being asked questions on your breaks from work, the woman insulting the tomb of the unknown soldier, foodies and an over under on cartoons from our childhood.

Music: Bad Religion and Cloud Nothings

Beer:  A grab bag of beers

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This week we talk about the Election results, fat people at Disneyland, Disney buying out Lucas films, getting old, Coachella and Stagecoach and do an over uner on Denzel Washington movies.

Beer:  We did a draft of leftovers and it was awesome

Music:  RiverFenix and something else...I don't remember anymore

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This week we cover only spooky topics such as the Presidentail election, UFO's ghosts and paranormal stuff and our beliefs in them, what we like about Halloween, girls costumes share our own spooky stories and do 2 over under perfects, one on scary movies and another on Halloween candy.

Beer:  Lagunitas and Coopers Brewery

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This week we covered the Presidential debate, annoying technology, would you rather be rich or famous, Honey Boo Boo, my pledging experiences and do an over under on drinks at the bar.

Oct 26th is the 2nd Annual 2 Guys 12 Beers party....bring a six pack

Music: Andrew Jackson Jihad and Cobra Skulls

Beer:  Luginitas Day Time and Miller Lite

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We messed up on the numbering of episodes so this really is a new episode, we just made episode 40 before 39 because hey, thats what typing these explanations drunk will do to you.

This week we talk about the Innocence of Muslims film and it's back lash, nude photos of the English Royals, people who are scary into their pets, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan trainwrecks, cover sports and do an over under on food condiments.

Hangar 24 Ocktober Fest

Ballast Point Amber Ale

Heebrew Genesis

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This week we talk about the Dark Knight Massacre, Fred Willard being caught masterbating, age appropriate partying, sports, justification for drinking and do an over under perfect on Russle Crowe movies.  He is so dreamy.

Beer:  We drank leftovers

Musice: The Cure and Communique

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This episode we talked about the passing of Obama care, modern medicine, couple's sitting next to each other at dinner, discuss emotional drunks and Andy at his bachelor party, sports and do an over rated under rated on curse words and phrases.  Art rejoins us after missing a few episodes.

Music:  Fun. and Teenage Bottlerocket

Beer:  Anchor Steam Summer beer (Again), Anchor Steam Liberty Ale and Trader Joe's Summer Beer

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This week we talk about Lebron James, the KKK adopting a highway, bank mistakes and giving extra money to people, over under perfect on fair food, Justin's presumption of guilt on famous people and people who drink bottled/expensive water.

Beer:  Leinenkugel's and Firestone

Music:  MxPx and American Steel

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This week we cover the Olympics, some other sports event and something else having to do with sports.  (When I don't take notes on the topics I can't remember them the next day when I'm sober).  We also talk about Gwenyth Paltrow dropping F bombs, Octomom and what she is doing for money and an over rated, under rated on deomestic beers.

Beer:  Hangar 24 Summer seasonal and Anchor Steam Summer seasonal.  If you are looking to try some new beers, summer seasonals are a great place to start.  Normally very mellow and smooth beer.  Great place to start trying out craft beers.

Music:  The Eels and Alkaline Trio

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This episode we talk about P. Diddy's son getting a scholarship to school, Rich people getting divorced, 50 shades of grey and Andy being mad at it, sports, what you would be willing to do for 1 Million dollars and do an over rated under rated on Americana restaurants.

Beer:  Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy amoung others

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Hey, this week we recorded a half episode and were interviewed for John Samson's communication course.  We talked about the death penalty, businessism and do an over under on Teen Heart Throbs.

Music:  MxPx

Beer:  Miller Lite

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Yeah that just happened.

This week we talk about Kony, Bullying and sissy kids, discuss food gimmicks, sports, Junior Seau and people loving you after you die and do an over under on suicides...yeah...suicides...we are mining new lows.

Music:  Choice music from our youth in the 90's.  Blink 182, Home Grown and Unwritten Law

Beer:  Kona Brewing Mix Box and Lagunitas Red Ale

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We are back in a big way.  This week we recap whats been going on with us the last month, cover 420, talk about Zoey Daschenel...i think thats the right spelling maybe.  Discuss African American day, people being sensitve about our topics and do an over under on HBO programs. 

Beer:  Shiner Blond and Victory Hop Wallop

Songs:  Jimmy Eat World Bleed American and NOFX All of Me

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We weren't going to post this episode since it wasn't up to our standard of quality, which if you been listening will know is pretty low.  But since Andy is on a honeymoon for 10 days and we haven't posted in a while I figured, "What the heck?"  I don't remember any of our topics, but it was a pretty sloppy episode.  We drank a bottle of vodka instead of beer and the results weren't so good.  So take a listen and thanks for the support.  We will be back in mid April with new episodes.


Vodka-  Tito's Vodka, highly recommended

Music-I think it was Goyte or however you spell it but I'm not sure.

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This week we talk about Lent and Pat Robertson, people who can't handle their booze, young chicks, foreigners and why we hate them, what country you would blow up and try to get through an over under on theme parks but Andy is too drunk.

Music:  it's included

Beer: We drank it

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Hey, This week we talk about Valentine's day, How would you want to die, Sports, listen to a song by Chuck Regan, talk about girls who dont want babies and guys who dont drink, the glorification of shitty people on TV, Art's buddy Vic gives us a HUGE ENDORESSMENT mid topic and then do an over under on reality tv.

Beer:  Best in the World

Music: Can't stop rocking

I write these when I'm drunk so by the end I dont want to do hotlinks or punctuation

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Hey, we missed you.  It's nice to be back, we just flew in from Boise and boy are our arms tired.  This week we talked about the 10 year old who got a tattoo, Coachella, Sports, listen to some Indian School, Sopa, Ron Paul supporters and do an over/under on RomComs.

Beer:  Awesome

Songs: Fantastic

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