2 Guys 12 Beers

Andy and I are awesome...just a preface.  Tonight we talk about Andy's diet, sexting, sports, listen to Youthbitch, being buried vs. cremated, Primerica and over rated under rated holidays.

Beers:  Sierra Nevada and MGD 64

Andy:  Ughh, I'm on a diet and I suck

Justin: Sierra Nevada Glissade is O.K.


Youthbitch: I will forget your name

Mexican Moustache: Ready for action

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In this episode we talk about Politicians in Heat (Arnold and Anthony Weiner), Sarah Palin being awesome, French outlaw Twitter and Facebook, USC loses 2004 title, Gay slurs in sports and Myspace/Facebook pictures.

Beer of the Week: Miller Lite


The Scrams

The Hex Dispensers

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Andy is throwing up as I publish this...we sacrifice for our art.  In this episode we talk about my baby, Entourage, cell phones causing cancer, sports, raves and rate beers.

Beer of the week:  Flying Dog Golden Ale and Amber Lager

Andy: Amber Lager is a 7 Golden Ale is a 6

Justin: I would agree, the Amber has more flavor the Golden is just ok.

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