2 Guys 12 Beers

This week we talk about Lebron James, the KKK adopting a highway, bank mistakes and giving extra money to people, over under perfect on fair food, Justin's presumption of guilt on famous people and people who drink bottled/expensive water.

Beer:  Leinenkugel's and Firestone

Music:  MxPx and American Steel

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This week we cover the Olympics, some other sports event and something else having to do with sports.  (When I don't take notes on the topics I can't remember them the next day when I'm sober).  We also talk about Gwenyth Paltrow dropping F bombs, Octomom and what she is doing for money and an over rated, under rated on deomestic beers.

Beer:  Hangar 24 Summer seasonal and Anchor Steam Summer seasonal.  If you are looking to try some new beers, summer seasonals are a great place to start.  Normally very mellow and smooth beer.  Great place to start trying out craft beers.

Music:  The Eels and Alkaline Trio

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This episode we talk about P. Diddy's son getting a scholarship to school, Rich people getting divorced, 50 shades of grey and Andy being mad at it, sports, what you would be willing to do for 1 Million dollars and do an over rated under rated on Americana restaurants.

Beer:  Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy amoung others

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