2 Guys 12 Beers

this week we cover Kim Jong Il, FAA's new rules, random acts of kindness, rude holiday shoppers, the countdown to apocolypse and and talk about the new year and reflect on the our past year of podcast.

Songs:  NOFX and The Clash

Beer:  Sam Adam's Infinium and Anchor Brewing Holiday Beer

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This week we talk about sports (Go Angels!!!), Christmas spirit, gift giving, firefighters letting a house burn down, simpsons vs. family guy vs. south park and do an over rated under rated on Christmas movies.

Beer:  Moosehead

Music:  Christmas music

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This week we talk about politicians with checkered pasts running for office, getting old, piercings, sports, smoking in public and rank Will Ferrell movies.  We listen to a song by Strung Out and Dead to Me and drink Amstel Light and a few other beers.

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Sorry for the delay, we've been busy with work but here it is at last, a new episode.  This week we talk about Jerry Sandusky and the PSU scandal, Black Friday, Kim Kardashin's divorce, underage drinking and police stings, donations and Andy's guilt at not giving and do an over rated under rated on chips.

Beer:  Pabst Blue Ribbon...no link needed here

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This Episode we have Art join us...our new partner in podcasting.  We cover the wild animals that got loose in Ohio, California Illegal Immigrants getting finacial aid, Facebook dribble, Occupy Wall Street, shopping for beer and over under on stand up comedians.

Beer: Alaskan, Hoptober and Guinness Black Lager.

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This episode we cover Ashton Kutcher cheating, Michael Jackson's doctor, sports, pot smokers, the plight of being fat and white and do an over under on drinking games.

Beer:  Something German....I don't remember the name

Music:  Good Riddance and Moral Crux

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Sorry for the delay, but here is our new episode.  This episode we talk about the death of Steve Jobs, sports, beauty pagents, the occupation of wall street, famous people not being able to say anything without being criticized and do an over rated under rated on Apple products.

Music- Cobra Skulls

Beer- Miller Lite

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Sorry for the inactivity, Andy and I have been busy but we are going to try to get a new episode up this week.  In the meantime, check out this episode of Indie Living Room we were guests on.

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This week we talk about Sept. 11th, Muslims, Tough Christians, Chaz Bono, Hipster fashion and Football.  Art from Indian School joins us and we have 3 good beers.

Music; Indian School

Beer:  Anchor Steam, Shiner and Acme.   All of them were good, worth checking out

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In this episode we talk about Steve Jobs leaving Apple, sports, famous people going to military dances, being homeless, Adam Lavine and the VMA's and an over under on movie remakes.

Beers:  Peroni and Moretti

Andy:  Good, the Moretti is a bit more smokier

Justin: They are ok, they taste and smell the same...you are a ponce for saying smokier.

Bands: Cobra Skulls and Dead to Me

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Hey, new episode is here and we have a lot going on.  We ahve a special guest with us, Jon.  Paul sent us a clip about Amy Winehouse.  We talk about police brutality and cops beating people, Ice Cube and gangster rappers selling soda, Surfers and WWE, Insane Clown Posse, Fat people in wheelchairs and an over under on cop shows.

Beer:  Mendocino Beers

Andy: liked it

Jon: It was good

Justin: both were awesome


Straight Outta Junior High- 8th Wave

Tuepogoe64- Police

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In this episode we discuss America's debt crisis, ground turkey recall, sports, listen to a song from NOFX, the Kelly Anthony beating, snooty political people and girls that don't dress appropriately for the weather.

Beer of the Week:  Red Stripe

Andy:  Pretty good, tastes like a domestic

Justin: It's ok, taste like a Mexican beer, which I am not a fan of.


NOFX-Jamaica's Alright

Mad Caddies-Just One More

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Oh Hi,

I didn't see you there.  So in case you were interested here is what we covered.  The tragic demise of Amy Winehouse, the Oslo killings, sports, gat marriage, movies and comic con and wrap it up with an over rated under rated of movie trilogies.

Beer of the Week: Bass Pale Ale

Andy: Good beer for the casual beer drinker.

Justin: I'd agree.  Not too much flavor but easy to jump into.


Hard Feelings

Mondo Ray

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Sorry for the delay on episodes but we have a new one finally...and it's a winner.  In this episode we talk Casey Anthony and her pro defense team, Carmaggedon, Sports, listen to Indian School, talk about Ohio and Florida sucking, the California prison strike and fake craft beer.

Beer of the week:  Shiner Bock

Andy:  I like it

Justin: I do too, it tastes good...try it

Indian School Twitter:  @IndianschoolCA

Indian School music

Pintley:  Find new beer

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Happy 4th of July...the worst holiday of the year.  We talk about Chris Hansen, aliens (Not the movie), bath salts, technology, MMA and over under perfect on 80's comedy tv shows.  No beer to link this episode since we drank liquor but check out  Pintley for some beer ideas.


Straight Outta Junior High

The Queers

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Andy and I are awesome...just a preface.  Tonight we talk about Andy's diet, sexting, sports, listen to Youthbitch, being buried vs. cremated, Primerica and over rated under rated holidays.

Beers:  Sierra Nevada and MGD 64

Andy:  Ughh, I'm on a diet and I suck

Justin: Sierra Nevada Glissade is O.K.


Youthbitch: I will forget your name

Mexican Moustache: Ready for action

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In this episode we talk about Politicians in Heat (Arnold and Anthony Weiner), Sarah Palin being awesome, French outlaw Twitter and Facebook, USC loses 2004 title, Gay slurs in sports and Myspace/Facebook pictures.

Beer of the Week: Miller Lite


The Scrams

The Hex Dispensers

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Andy is throwing up as I publish this...we sacrifice for our art.  In this episode we talk about my baby, Entourage, cell phones causing cancer, sports, raves and rate beers.

Beer of the week:  Flying Dog Golden Ale and Amber Lager

Andy: Amber Lager is a 7 Golden Ale is a 6

Justin: I would agree, the Amber has more flavor the Golden is just ok.

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This episode we talk about the Lakers and sports, Common being invited to the White House, schools teaching evolution and global warming, listen to the Get Up Kids, bike posse's, over rated, under rated and perfectly rated comedies, and the mom who injected her kid with botox. 

Beer: Fireman Brewery: Red and Blonde

Andy: Both were o.k. the red was better, not a bad darker beer, the blonde was ok but nothing to seek out.

Justin: The red was good, but not a chugging beer, the blonde was ok but nothing special

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Cinco De Mayo Episode!  Cover Bin Laden, pro wrestling, hair cut people, popularity of Glee, news and our opinions of comic book movies.

Weekly Beer:  Pacifico

Andy:  It's ok.  Rather have a Corona

Justin:  O.K. for the first few...switched to another beer half way through

Cinco De Mayo episodio! Cubierta Bin Laden, la lucha libre profesional, la gente corte de pelo, la popularidad de Glee, noticias y nuestras opiniones de las películas de cómics. Cerveza semanal: Andy Pacífico: Está bien. Más bien tienen un Justin Corona: bien para los primeros ... cambia a otro a mitad de camino a través de la cerveza

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The wait is over...like Star Wars Epsidoe I it's here and you are bound to be disappointed.  We talk about the Royal Wedding, Donald Trump and Obama's birth certificate, Dick Clark, listen to the band Handguns, 3d Televisions and sports. 

Beer of the Week:  Anchor Steam Beer

Andy:  It's good, full flavored but not over-powering beer

Justin: Good beer, a little heavier but taste good and not to heavy.  Tasty.


Handguns information

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In this episode we talk about American Idol and the decline of music, Pizza crust being the best part of the pizza, male bathroom etiquette, listen to a song from None More Black, talk about sports fans, Manny Ramirez and surviving a zombie apocolypse.  Exit music is Against Me, Don't Lose Touch.

Tonights Beer:   Cable Car Amber Ale

Andy:  Good, I like it

Justin: Good as well

Buy It


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One of the more funnerer, yeah thats a word, episode to record let's see if it's fun to listen to.  We talk about weddings, food challenges, rate fast food, interview Andy Tearpak from Not So Straight Edge and 2 Guys 12 Beers fame, discuss tablets and talk baseball, picking our teams to make the playoffs this year.  As always, we would love to hear any feedback or comments.


Beer:  Sam Adams Coastal Wheat


Andy:  Good

Justin:  Tastes like Fantastic..bad


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Hey we have a twitter and a Facebook now.  Twitter is @2guys12beers and our book face is 2 guys 12 beers, it will come up as a radio station.  Friend us, follow us or like us, we are begging for attention...we are like the ginger step child that no one loves....just look at us.

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In this episode we have a guest host, Art Barrios, come in and help us out.  We also used a new software and use sound effects for the first time.  We cover March Madness, the "gay app", Ben Weasel's recent problems, over and under rated bands and the website Ashley Madison.  As always, send us any comments or ideas, we would love to hear them.

Beer: Miller Lite


Justin: Classic

Andy: Great

Art; Great

Our favorite domestic beer.

Audio Karate Info

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The wait is over...its here.   Tonight we talk about Adrian Petterson and slavery, forcing your children to like sports, cell phones , bathroom breaks, Gilber Gottfried, beer gimmicks and the new Screeching Weasel album.  Once again, any comments or anything send them to us, we would love to hear it.


Beer: Longboard Beer

Andy: OK

Justin: Bad

Don't buy it


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Here is the theme song as an MP3 file.   Heard a few people wanted it.  As always, leave any tips or comments for us, we would really appreciate it.  And thanks goes out to Art and Audio Karate for the theme song.  Check out Audio Karate on Facebook or @theaudiokarate on twitter.

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We have a twitter account now.  If you want to give us any tips, ideas or comments shoot them to us


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Our first attempt at podcasting.  We talk about the Grammy's, high class bars, Albert Pujols, the Angels and Dodgers and review No Country for Old Men.


Beer: Miller Lite

Andy: Great

Justin: Great

Our favorite domestic


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In this episode we discuss Charlie Sheen, Twitter, Clowns, talk about a few news articles, briefly talk about baseball and review Scott pilgram vs. The World.


Beer: Hangar 24 Orange Wheat:


Justin: great

best craft beer we have had


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