2 Guys 12 Beers

WE DID IT!  This week we talk about tainted meat, people at food banks, our baseball picks and Dennis Rodman, people saying God Bless You, dumb party themes and do an over under on 80's Action Movies.

Beer:  Super Bock and Alaskan White

Songs:  The Vandals and Tame Impalla

Baseball Picks  (For Justin to reference in 3 months)

Andy:  Angels, Tigers, Blue Jays.  WC  Rays and Yankees.  Dodgers, Red, Brave.  WC  Nationals and Giants

Art:  Dodgers, Red, Nationals  WC Giants Cardinals.  Yankees, Angels, Tigers.  WC  Rays and Jays

Justin:  Angels, Tigers, Jays  WC  Rays Rangers.  Giants, Reds, Nationals.  WC  Dodgers Braves

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