2 Guys 12 Beers

Oh Hi,

I didn't see you there.  So in case you were interested here is what we covered.  The tragic demise of Amy Winehouse, the Oslo killings, sports, gat marriage, movies and comic con and wrap it up with an over rated under rated of movie trilogies.

Beer of the Week: Bass Pale Ale

Andy: Good beer for the casual beer drinker.

Justin: I'd agree.  Not too much flavor but easy to jump into.


Hard Feelings

Mondo Ray

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Sorry for the delay on episodes but we have a new one finally...and it's a winner.  In this episode we talk Casey Anthony and her pro defense team, Carmaggedon, Sports, listen to Indian School, talk about Ohio and Florida sucking, the California prison strike and fake craft beer.

Beer of the week:  Shiner Bock

Andy:  I like it

Justin: I do too, it tastes good...try it

Indian School Twitter:  @IndianschoolCA

Indian School music

Pintley:  Find new beer

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Happy 4th of July...the worst holiday of the year.  We talk about Chris Hansen, aliens (Not the movie), bath salts, technology, MMA and over under perfect on 80's comedy tv shows.  No beer to link this episode since we drank liquor but check out  Pintley for some beer ideas.


Straight Outta Junior High

The Queers

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