2 Guys 12 Beers

This week we catch up with Art and go over a couple topics from last week, talk about concerts and things we've seen lately, using cell phones in public, an Urban Outfitter shirt that says "Eat Less" and the fitness lady on Facebook, the zombie apocolypse and do an over under on Pixar films.  We also go over the details of the 2 Guys 12 Beers 3rd annual party.

Beer:  Indian Wells Brewing Co

Songs:  Sam Russo and Ahmad

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Sorry for the delay in posting this, we recorded it over a week ago.  This episode we talk about the Government shutdown, vaping, GTA V and video games, NCAA athletes not being paid, Breaking Bad and talk about some of our favorite and least favorite TV finales.  We also announce our 3rd annual 2 Guys 12 Beers party.

Music:  Blink 182 and Bouncing Souls

Beer:  Mammoth Brewing Company Nut Brown Ale and a grab bag of leftovers

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We are back after a 2 month break.  This episode we talked about Syria and whether the United States should get involved, raising minimum wage, people who act like their pet's are children, social clubs, rabbid sports fans and do an over under on amusement parks.

Beer:  Red Hook Audible Ale

Music: Nada Surf and Descendents

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We are finally back, and covering all the breaking news our 2 fans expect.  This episode we discuss the Trayvon Martin verdict, Edward Snowden and whether or not he is traitor, discuss if being gay is more accepted in high school, reflect on some summer memories, debate whether this podcast and our drinking is us trying to recapture our youth or are we just degenerates and do an over under on crackers (the kind you eat, not Andy).

Beer:  Goose Island Sampler Box

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This episode we each reveal and discuss our favorite 3 albums of all time and what makes them special to us.  To celebrate the occasion, we had cocktails.

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This week, we do another music episode, covering our top 7-4 albums.  We have selections ranging from the Pixies to Nofx and the stories of why these albums mean so much to us. 

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We are starting a 3 part series where Art, Andy and Justin choose their top 10 favorite albums and discuss them.  This episode we cover our 10-8 albums and listen to a song from each of them.  The beer flows throughout the episode, but we take a slight break from our normal topics.

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WE DID IT!  This week we talk about tainted meat, people at food banks, our baseball picks and Dennis Rodman, people saying God Bless You, dumb party themes and do an over under on 80's Action Movies.

Beer:  Super Bock and Alaskan White

Songs:  The Vandals and Tame Impalla

Baseball Picks  (For Justin to reference in 3 months)

Andy:  Angels, Tigers, Blue Jays.  WC  Rays and Yankees.  Dodgers, Red, Brave.  WC  Nationals and Giants

Art:  Dodgers, Red, Nationals  WC Giants Cardinals.  Yankees, Angels, Tigers.  WC  Rays and Jays

Justin:  Angels, Tigers, Jays  WC  Rays Rangers.  Giants, Reds, Nationals.  WC  Dodgers Braves

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This week we talk about the Oscars, the Pope stepping down, Heroes, circumcisions, school being a waste of time and do an over under on Bill Murray movies.

Beer:  Anchor Steam California Lager and Magic Hat

Music:  Jimmy Cliff and Joe Strummer

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This week we talk about the Boy Scouts and gay team members in sports, the club fire in Brazil, debt collectors using Facebook to track people down, the Pastor who didn't tip at Applebee's, zoo's and do an over under on sporting events.

Songs:  The Vandals

Beer:  Budweiser Black Crown

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This week we talk about the Bill of Rights and our Founding Fathers, a man being duct taped to his chair during a flight, originality in music and tv, hoaxes, touch on sports and do an over under on New Years Resolutions.

Music:  Pixies and Masked Intruder

Beer:  Nimbus Red Ale and Magic Hat #9

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