2 Guys 12 Beers

Hey we have a twitter and a Facebook now.  Twitter is @2guys12beers and our book face is 2 guys 12 beers, it will come up as a radio station.  Friend us, follow us or like us, we are begging for attention...we are like the ginger step child that no one loves....just look at us.

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  • Oh yeah! Am getting on the pc right now and joining your guys Facebook and Twitter! Lol you guys show try to see if there's a way for a collage radiostation to take you in, ? Not sure how but hey am sure someone would know. Oh and one more idea, lol this is for Justin , have a game guide or review ! Any game and call it "JUSTINS GAME GUIDE 2 1 2" ! I don't if that works but Justin like games of any type and say if they suck or he like, even on his cellphone type too! Or them hardcore games ones where they make little figureins with dices. Lol anyway guy keep up the good work! You guys kick Ass! Jose aka Carlos Big-J

    posted by: Jose aka carlos Big-J on 2011-03-30 18:49:39

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