2 Guys 12 Beers

Andy is throwing up as I publish this...we sacrifice for our art.  In this episode we talk about my baby, Entourage, cell phones causing cancer, sports, raves and rate beers.

Beer of the week:  Flying Dog Golden Ale and Amber Lager

Andy: Amber Lager is a 7 Golden Ale is a 6

Justin: I would agree, the Amber has more flavor the Golden is just ok.

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  • A. Way to offend your only Ohio listener B. In Ohio PBR is drank by punks & metalheads, not hipsters. Hipsters are all about the microbrews around here. C. Pabst won the Blue Ribbon in 1893 D. May I recommend Woodchuck Hard Cider for your next show?

    posted by: Bil Green on 2011-06-04 16:05:43

  • Ok. First off, the show is called Stump the Schwab. Chris Berman used to refer to himself as the swami when he predicted football games, so there is that. Second, hockey is awesome, way to bag on it and get all of Canada to hate you guys along with the middle of the United States. Other than that, good job. Congrats on 10 episodes.

    posted by: Todd Varga on 2011-06-03 13:13:07

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