2 Guys 12 Beers

This week we talk about Game of Thrones, Disney People, the state of comedy, DACA, Charlottesville and do an over under on Pizza

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This episode we talk about the tv show Confederacy, the term "Adulting is hard", dog shaming, warped tour, Colin Kapernick and Make A Wish Foundation


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This episode we talk about D. Trump, Free Speech, Stylized Movies, Letting your kids play football, Jazz music and over/under on being healthy.

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This episode we discuss the Donald (Like Always), DACA children and being deported, Milo Y!#()@*$) and free speech, the Grammy's, Tiny Cooking and Coke Vs. Pepsi.


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Happy New Year!  This episode we cover Trump and a ton of things surrounding him, talking politics with family and friends, Rock N' Roll hall of fame, the Golden Globes, what age a kid should get a cell phone and argue about Corn Vs. Flour tortillas.  (Flour are the the best)

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This week we talk about burning the American flag, conspiracy theories, Star Wars, Christmas traditions, 2016 in review and an over under on dessert foods.



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This episode we talk about the election in depth, circumcision, therapy and do an over under on Clint Eastwood films.


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This episode we talk about D. Trump and Billy Bush, Ken Bone, American Hero, the Sandy Hook lawsuit against gun manufacturers, Food Snobs Vs. Beer Snobs, Music Festivals and OUP on Russell Crowe


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This week we talk about my boy D. Trump, White Privilege, Cops using robots to kill the human race, Lab Grown Meat, parents pushing kids into things and do an over under on my surrogate father Tom Hanks

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This week, we discuss Colin Kapernick, people in parking lots, checklane manners, Hot Topic and commercialized rebellion, Donald Trump update and do an Over Under on Celebrity deaths. 

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